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About us

Tzach cohen’s studio was established at 2004 . After a few years tzach’s brother joined , tal cohen, that has started his way in Italy and today is the manager of the office .The studio contains designers and make projects all over the world such as co working spaces hotels buildings residential shopping centers bars and restaurants etc . studio has designed 700 projects since it was founded. Light is the central material for us we emphasize the beauty of the design with it We believe in minimalism , functionality The projects start in Total darkness with us the architect chooses what element will be in the light and which elements will stay in the dark.

Actually we design the darkness

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Tzach Cohen

Tzach Cohen is a world known lighting designer expert in all types of lighting.
In 2004 he designed his first project for the first pickup bar in Tel Aviv and he quickly understood the affinity to the world of lighting and since then he has been one of the pioneers of lighting designers in Israel!

Tzach does projects that are talked about all over the world and he has already had the opportunity to work with famous architects including Karim Rashid and Emprio Armani.

His studio is known for designing unique custom bodies for every project they do.
In 2017, Mario Nani, the maestro of lighting, contact Tzach and asked him to design glass for line of lighting fixtures, among the line's architects were Kongo Koma and David Shepherd.

Tzach taught and lectured to architects on lighting design for years.

Tal Cohen

Studio manager
In 2010 he graduated from Bologna, Italy. Under the wings of Maestro Mario Nani, who is considered one of the prominent figures in the field of lighting, Tal learned the secrets of light and the unofficial laws and since then has applied them to countless projects.

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Shani Antman

Interior lighting designer

Graduated with a bachelor's degree in interior design B.Des
At - H.I.T

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Saar Goren

Interior lighting designer

B.Des graduate in interior design with first class honors from H.I.T. Working in a lighting design studio since 2020.

Owns a product design brand using 3D printing production techniques.

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Lyn Brecher

Interior lighting designer

Graduated with a bachelor's degree in interior design B.Des
At - H.I.T

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 Tal Sherizly

Finance Manager

 Passion and fun are the name of the game

Bar Goanis

Interior lighting designer

Graduated interior design studies At the institute of technology - H.I.T

Maya Sivan

Interior lighting designer

Graduated in interior design and Luxury design, At Instituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy


Ricky Puch

A true professional and responsible for the energy in the studio


The mascot of the studio

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